Selected Poems.jpg

The Selected Poems of Amy Clampitt

  • Edited by Mary Jo Salter

  • Published 2010

  • 352 Pages

  • Alfred A. Knopf

  • PB: 978-0375711930


“Amy Clampitt has the sensibility of a painter and the mind of a contemplative. A Keatsian luxury of detail is combined with worldly insight in the flexible texture of her lines . . . An assured and distinguished voice resembling no other has been added to the sum of American poetry.”

—Helen Vendler

Love Amy.jpg

Love, Amy: The Selected Letters of Amy Clampitt

  • Edited by Willard Spiegelman

  • Published 2005

  • 336 Pages

  • Columbia University Press

  • HC: 978-0231132862

  • PB: 978-0231132879

“In giving us these frank, unpretentious, immensely revelatory letters, Love, Amy enables us to learn more about the remarkable woman who created a splendid body of poetry more likely than many others to endure.”

Merle Rubin The Los Angeles Times


“Here is what e-mail has no patience for: grace, wit, wonder, embellishment, asides, details and real vocabulary.”

—Isabel Nathaniel Dallas Morning News

The Collected Poems of Amy Clampitt

  • Foreword by Mary Jo Salter

  • Published 1997

  • 496 Pages

  • Alfred A. Knopf

  • HC: 978-0375400087

  • PB: 978-0375700644


“A wealth of poetry almost mind-altering in its density of description and its mental breadth . . . Her faith in microscopic detail is balanced by her sense that our vocabulary, no matter how precise, is hardly adequate for wondering at our existence”

The New Yorker

A Silence Opens.jpg

A Silence Opens

  • Published 1994

  • 106 Pages

  • Alfred A. Knopf

  • HC: 978-0679429975

  • PB: 978-0679750222

“Undeviatingly splendid. Clampitt has absolute command, an authentic, original voice . . . Her excellence has become a kind of standard by which the work of most contemporaries can be measured.”

—Anthony Hecht


“Her voice is so distinctive, such a feature of the current scene, that we would probably recognize an unsigned poem of hers if we enoutered it on the moon.”

—Phoebe Pettingell, The Yale Review



  • Published 1990

  • 105 Pages

  • Alfred A. Knopf

  • HC: 978-0394584553

  • PB: 978-0679728672


In Westward Clampitt takes on an extraordinary challenge: to illuminate her Iowa past, the rural backdrop, the stoic ‘hinterland’ . . . In poem after poem she returns to the scene that ‘daunts’ her, and her familiar guides rush to her assistance—Keats, Coleridge, James, Chekhov, Emerson—along with a deepening sense of history and a new ‘spiritual widening’. The oats, the plantain, the people, the hard past, yield to their poet. Believe me, Amy Clampitt can do anything!”

—Mona Van Duyn